5 Learning Techniques

5 Learning Techniques | Become the smartest in your class

Do you have trouble memorizing what you study? We have the solution for you! Today, we will show you the most effective learning techniques to remember what you read. Thus, you can get away with an exam or any situation that forces you to speak in public.

Beforehand, we anticipate that the key is found in the phrase ”repetition is the mother of retention”. But you need to do more than just repeat, and we’ll tell you that in these 5 learning techniques and strategies. Go for it!

Put these 5 learning techniques into practice and get the best grade in your class!

Sometimes retaining information can take a while, and if it happens before a big test, it’s even worse. But don’t get overwhelmed, with these 5 learning techniques this will no longer be a problem. Ready to meet them?

1. Active Recall learning technique

The first of the learning techniques and, without a doubt, the most important is active recall. Have you heard about her? Well, it translates as <<active memory>>. This strategy consists of trying to recover the information that we have stored in our minds.

The theory mentions that the more effort our brain makes to search for certain information, the more it will be remembered. Of course, it is one of the learning techniques and strategies that requires a lot of mental strength.

A 2011 study found that a student who uses active recall performs better than one who reads repeatedly or makes a mind map. This proved to be one of the most effective classrooms learning techniques.

How to put it into practice?

  • Read all the information you need to memorize and write some questions about it. Then, with a closed book, he answers the questions only with what you have in mind. Do not cheat!
  • Perhaps you remember when your mom used to ask you about school lessons. Well, this is a learning technique that you can use too. After reading the topic, recite a summary to another person or to yourself.
  • If you love taking notes, follow the active recall technique: make your notes only with what is on your mind, without looking at the books!

2. Spaced Repetition learning technique

Another learning technique in the classroom that we should all apply is the Spaced Repetition method. Although, before implementing it, we have to know how our memory works to see why it is so effective.

If you study something for the first time, after 5 hours, you may remember a little about the subject. and, if you let 3 days go by, you may no longer know anything about what you read. However, when you review the day after studying, it will take longer to forget the information.

That way, you’ll slow down what’s known as the forgetting curve. In summary, this is one of the learning techniques that is based on repeating the information leaving a block of time so that the topic is “saved” for more days.

How to put it into practice?

  • If you have an exam in 1 week, ideally you should study today. Then read the topic in 2 days. Finally, 1 day before the test, make a final review so that the information is better recorded.
  • Use a table or blackboard, and write down the topics that you must study. On one side, indicate the dates on which you have to review them, always leaving a space of time between each session. Don’t forget to review!

3. Pomodoro learning technique

This is one of the perfect learning techniques if you are one of those people (like us) who struggles with the time you spend procrastinating. The Pomodoro technique was designed by Francisco Carrillo in the 1980s.

It is one of the learning techniques and strategies that is based on using a stopwatch to divide fixed study time intervals called pomodoros. The learning strategy spends 25 minutes on an activity and then a 5-minute break.

4. Cornell notes learning technique

This strategy was created by Walter Pauk, a professor of education at Cornell University. It is one of the learning techniques based on taking notes in an organized and planned manner.

With the Cornell notes method, you want to avoid long sentences and replace them with keywords and questions. It is one of the best learning techniques in the classroom for students where the knowledge obtained is applied immediately.

5. Leitner learning technique

To finish, we have one of the learning techniques that consists of the elaboration of study cards. The Leitner system for memorizing was devised by psychologist Sebastien Leitner, who investigated all learning techniques and strategies until he found the most effective one.

The flashcard study technique is based on a revision to reinforce the knowledge acquired. It is one of the most fun learning techniques in the classroom and, to do it, you only need cardboard or paper, a pen, and 4 boxes.

How to put it into practice?

  • Based on a topic or information you need to memorize, create a series of questions.
  • Cut out several cards of the same size and, on one side, write the questions.
  • On the back, write the answers.
  • Create a stand for the boxes and decorate them.
  • The first box is for the cards you need to review each day. The second for each week. The third for every 15 days and the fourth for each month.
  • If, when review day comes around, you find that you don’t remember anything about a card, you should put it back in the first box.

Well, now you know the 5 most effective learning techniques. Now, all you have to do is stop wasting time and get to work! Although, if you want to put a more daring spin on your student life, try out your learning techniques by studying abroad.

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