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Keiser University wins the heart of millions of career-building students. It teaches students and builds them to work professionally in community services. If you want to know about Keiser University’s activities, mission, tradition, and orientation in one place, you are in the right place.

You will know all the detailed information regarding this university here. You can also know the acceptance rate of Keiser University. Let’s learn more details about it.

Keiser university activities:

SGA (Student Government Association):

SGA is a periodical meeting for students with special events and activities. Through this meeting, students can participate in social, professional development, fundraising, and other community service activities.

Here the SGA representative guides all the students to participate in such activities. Such association helps students build up social awareness, leadership, social awareness, and learning skills. Let’s know in detail about it.

Learning activity: Promote the attainment of knowledge relevant to the course.

Professional Development activity: Promotes the skill for successful employment and qualities to become a good employee and professional individual.

Social awareness activity: Promote social awareness and consciousness among the students within the campus and local community, the state of Florida, and the united state.

Leadership skill activities:

Promote students to work as group leaders for learning development

Campus enhancement activities: Promote students to work with positive sentiments on campus for the welfare of all the students, faculty, and stuffs.

Phi Thepa Kapa international Honor society:

This activity helps students to do scholarships, especially among two years students. As a college student, you can easily become a member of this association. You need a good academic background and performance to qualify for this activity.

They help to develop leadership and service skills, which help them, exchange intellectual ideas to build up good fellowship and continue academic excellence.

Another activity named Sigma Beta Delta, International Honor society:

Four-year students can do this activity in Business, Management, and Administration. To become a member in this activity is higher national recognition that a business student can achieve studying in here.

To become a member, a business student must rank in the upper 20 percent. The faculty officer also can invite you for membership here.

The main goal of this association is to encourage business and management students for the scholarship. It also helps to develop personal and professional development among students. The word sigma means wisdom, which comes from the Greek word.

Wisdom means gathering knowledge and information and allowing others to acquire and incorporate knowledge into their lives. Beta stands for honor. Honor symbolizes personal quality and behavior to be respected by others. Honorable people are always praiseworthy. Everyone trusts them and admires them. They mainly work for the welfare of humankind, providing leadership.

Keiser university orientation:

To become a member of Keiser University, you must attend the orientation program on your campus. Generally, orientation happens on the first of each session. Let’s see the goals of the orientation program:

  • Facilitate students’ transition.
  • New students get familiar with the organization and operation or activities of the campus
  • Presenting the mission, traditions, rules, and regulations of the university to the students
  • Review the study techniques and academic standards.
  • Counseling recourses are familiarized.

What is the main topic of orientation?

  • Immigration
  • Maintaining your F-1 Status
  • Unlawful Presence
  • Designated School Official (DSO)
  • Employment
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT)
  • Driver’s License application and much more

You should come with the following things to attend the orientation program:

  • Your passport with visa page.
  • Passport with your Visa page
  • I-20
  • I-94 print from the website
  • General address
  • General telephone number

Keiser University mission:

Let’s know about the mission or goal of Keiser University:

  • Quality teaching
  • Provide knowledge, experience, and skill for a successful career.
  • Provide graduation for a business career
  • Providing graduation for criminal justice, Health care, hospitality
  • Providing career-focused general education
  • Committed to the service of humankind
  • Building up a community partnership
  • Involvement of various constituencies
  • Providing various continuing education programs promoting academic excellence.
  • Involving with the (SACSCOC)
  • Ensuring currency, relevancy, and cost-effectiveness concerning content, delivery, and outcomes.
  • Expanding the international and domestic reach of the university programs and services.
  • To work collaboratively to accomplish the university mission.
  • Ensure the financial and budgetary operations of the university from the board of trustees.
  • To ensure fiscal responsibility.
  • Maintaining well-qualified administrative officers to oversee the institutions.
  • Ensuring institutional supports advancement 

 Keiser University tradition:

Keiser University started its journey in 1977 with the hand of Arthur Keiser and Evelyn Keiser. They have founded it to offer career-focused education to serve adult learners.

This university has worked successfully over the past 44 years and has become the largest private, not-for-profit university. It serves around 20,000 students and 3800 employees. Most of the campuses of this university are in the Florida community.

Keiser University is now Rank 5 in Social mobility, providing around 76 million funds to academic and needs-based students. It beholds the tradition of developing leaders to serve humankind. 

Finally, now you know Keiser University’s activities, mission, tradition, and orientation.

You can know more about Keiser university demographics, directions, ein, lawsuit, and campus map all in one. Those who are new and transferred must attend the orientation program. If you have any inquiries about the orientation program of Keiser University, you can visit here.

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