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Do you want to be one of Kaiser University? Do you need more information about the keiser university’s demographics, directions, campus map, locations, ein, lawsuit, and many more? All is in here with details descriptions and information.

In another post, you will know the acceptance rate for Keiser University, which is important before taking admission here. It helps you to identify the percentage of students that universities accept. Here you also will learn about the Keiser University lawsuit to get more information about it and the location of the main campus of it.

A glimpse of Keiser University:

Arthur Keiser established Keiser University to build up students to get a job. It helps to make them eligible for business growth. It started its journey in 1986 as a college. Then, it moved into university in 2006.

This first non-profit university provides many courses or degrees as graduate, bachelor or associate degrees, approved by the U.S. government. It offers both offline and online degrees. It is not a single campus. There are many campuses in different regions of Florida. Let’s know about it.

Kaiser universities demographics:

Demographics analyses the broad characteristics of a group of people and a population. It mainly identifies gender, age, employment status, family composition, geographic location, race and other relevant data for a special purpose.

Here considering age and diversion in Keiser University, we present students’ body demographics. Among total students of 19567:

White students are 30%, and black students are 18%. Unknown students are 15%, and Asian students are only 3%. There are less number of Americans, Indian and other native and unknown or alien students, and that is only 1%.

Kaiser university corporate office:

The main headquarters or corporate office of Keiser University is in the U.S. It is located at 1500 NW 49th Street Fort, Lauderdale, Florida.

Here is the primary address of Keiser University:

Primary Address

1900 West Commercial Boulevard

Suite 180

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309


If you want more details about the Keiser University office contact or headquarters number, go to

Keiser university ein:

Ein (Employer Identification Number) mainly refers to a Tax Id number with 9 digits. It is also known as the social security number for your organization. Employers mainly use it to report taxes and tax filing. 

In university, ein is used for identifying the university’s business activities. There are various ways of applying for ein. Now anyone gets it online for free. So, the ein number of Keiser University is 010664195

Keiser University main campus:

The main location of Keiser University is in the city of Fort Laiderdale in Florida, situated at West Palm Beach, 2600 North Military Trail. The distance between West Palm Beach and Keiser University is 37 miles.

The other campuses are in China and Nicaragua, Daytona Beach, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Melbourne, Miami, Orlando, Pembroke Pines, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota, Tallahassee, and Tampa. It is established with 100 acres.

Keiser university direction:

 You can go to Keiser University easily by bus:

  • From The Mall at Wallington Green, Sunshine Parkway, it takes 38 min.
  • From Breakers Palm Beach, it will take 65 minutes.
  • From Norton Museum of Arts, it will take 57 minutes to go.
  • From Greenacres, FL, Lake, take 53 minutes.
  • From the Cheesecake factory, it will take 55 minutes
  •  From John I Leonard High School, it will take 56 minutes

Bus station near Kaiser University:

 You can find 2 bus stations here:

  • Vista Pkwy at Pbc Vista Ctr Ent 2 min walk
  • Okeechobee Blvd at Bld63399 min 9 min walk

If you want more details about Keiser university’s directions, visit Here you will find step-by-step directions toward Keiser University.

Kaiser University campus map:

Visit Kaiser university’s official website  from your android phone and get all the information about Keiser University as campuses with map details, directions, contact information, library information and many more. 

Keiser University lawsuit:

In 2010, several students made many complaints against the credits, cost, and accreditation. There was an investigation regarding this university, and it came out that the universities’ admission counsellors misconducted many students. It was known as Keiser University Class Action Lawsuit.

Another claim was that for a higher cost, most of the students were deprived of completing graduation, and some others took loans for that. The university also made them lie in the loan process and misused federal loans given to students. In that way, they wasted almost 30 billion in governmental aid.

Besides, they also deceived students about their accreditation. Some people also blame avoiding taxes and strict regulations. Another claim against them was transferring the credits to another university, a controversial issue in the educational centre.

 As a whole, we can say, now you know all about Keiser university demographics, directions, campus maps, locations, ein, lawsuits and many more.

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