What to study if I like to travel

What to study if I like to travel | 8 cool races to go from one country to another

To help you in your desire to travel the world, in this post we will show you 8 careers where you get paid to travel. There are options for all types of travelers, so we know that you will find the ideal one so you can know what to study if you like to travel.

1. Journalism

It is normal to think of a journalism career as a job where you have to lock yourself in a room with dozens of cameras presenting news. However, this is one of the careers where you get paid to ride!

And it is that, as a journalist, they can send you to cover news in different parts of your country or the world. In addition, there is travel journalism, an ideal branch when you are looking for “what to study if I like to travel”. Traveling the world, you have the opportunity to review destinations, give travel tips or report on street food for magazines or travel blogs.

Advantages of studying journalism

  • Journalism is one of the most versatile travel careers. Depending on your tastes, you can be an editor, reporter or photographer.
  • If you want to lose your fear of public speaking or improve your writing skills, journalism is helpful.
  • One of the careers where you get paid to travel allows you to be very creative.

Disadvantages of studying journalism

  • Daily reading is a requirement as you need to stay informed, so if you don’t like to read, it’s not one of the ideal travel college majors.
  • If you decide to work independently, you may not have much financial stability.
  • The labor market is very competitive.

2. Tourism

Tourism is an option for those who want to know “what to study if I like to travel” that combines travel and administration.

With a degree from one of the colleges of the future, you can be in charge of running various tourism institutions, for example, Eco-hotels or government organizations.

On top of that, careers that have to do with traveling allow you to promote tourist services around the world with sustainability in mind and combating environmental problems.

Advantages of studying tourism

  • The tourism sector is constantly growing, so getting a job is not that complicated.
  • If you want to become an entrepreneur, this is one of the careers where you get paid to travel which allows you to develop projects in many countries.
  • Contact with new cultures makes you more open and helps you understand why traveling makes you happy.

Disadvantages of studying tourism

  • It is quite a long career, so you must be patient to graduate.
  • Your geographical knowledge must be solid and extensive.
  • Attention to the public is an important part of this university career to travel, so it requires a lot of empathy and tolerance.

3. Photography

Among art careers, photography is one of the most popular! It is one of the perfect professions for those who do not know “what to study if I like to travel” because you have the chance to acquire technical knowledge to capture images that tell stories.

The program of one of the races where you get paid to travel is designed so that you learn to use different cameras. 📸 They also teach you how to manage light, use editing programs and choose the right spaces for each project.

Advantages of studying photography

  • Photography is one of the most creative university travel majors, so it’s impossible to get bored.
  • A degree in this profession allows you to work as a photographer for travel magazines or advertising agencies, or sell your photos to paid image banks.

Disadvantages of studying photography

  • The income is not fixed, so you must work hard to have good economic stability.
  • Photographic equipment is somewhat expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment.

4. Hospitality

Considering that there are hotels and restaurants everywhere, hospitality is the perfect career for those who don’t know “what to study if I like to travel”. With experience in customer service, you can work in various areas to gain knowledge. 💪

A degree in one of the paid-to-travel careers allows you to be a bartender, bar manager, receptionist, or event planner. Little by little, you can work your way up to become a hotel manager or use your experience to take on a project.

Advantages of studying hospitality

  • Like tourism, hospitality is a fast-growing sector, so job offers abound.
  • A degree in this travel college major can earn you a good salary. Also, tips are a plus point.
  • Being in contact with people from all over the world, the opportunities to improve your skills in other languages ​​are good.

Disadvantages of studying hospitality

  • Working with the public can be very demanding and stressful.
  • Breaks are infrequent during peak seasons.
  • Although the labor market is quite active, professionals in careers that have to do with travel have a lot of competition.

5. Web development

If you’re not sure what to study if you like to travel, consider web development! Being one of the best-paid technology careers, you can work as a programmer in large American companies or in startups in Canada or Spain.

Does that idea ring a bell? Professionalizing yourself in one of the university careers to travel allows you to work from any country without being in an office. 🌏 As long as you take your computer, you can live an eternal vacation while earning money.

Advantages of studying web development

  • Web developers can be self-employed by offering their services on freelance platforms.
  • Technological advances prevent you from getting bored or stagnant professionally since you must keep up to date.
  • One of the races where you get paid to ride doesn’t require you to have too expensive equipment. Just a normal computer and a good connection.

Disadvantages of studying web development

  • The competition is fierce as more and more people are specializing in one of the careers that have to do with travel.
  • The hours you spend in front of the computer programming will take its toll on your column.
  • Time management is important, so if you don’t know how to work under deadlines, you may feel stressed often.

6. Archeology

Is your life’s dream to be like Indiana Jones? ? In that case, stop thinking about “what to study if I like to travel” and become an archaeologist. With this title, you can study the cultural, artistic, and architectural manifestations of historical civilizations.

Of course, it is one of the most demanding careers where they pay you to travel. To participate in an excavation in other countries, you must be very curious and a good researcher, and have specialized knowledge of history, architecture, sociology, and anthropology.

Advantages of studying archeology

  • Although it may not seem like it, the labor market is wide. With college majors to travel, you can work in museums or government institutions.
  • If you are passionate about research, archeology allows you to carry out your own projects or develop yourself in the academic field.

Disadvantages of studying archeology

  • Working conditions are harsh, as you may have to work whether it’s hot or cold, snowy or rainy.
  • If you have a hard time leaving the city, archaeology is not for you, since you may have to move to remote areas to work.

7. Marketing

Marketing, and digital marketing, are one of the careers that have to do with traveling with the most boom. With the globalization of the world, many companies look for trained professionals who study the behavior of the markets to position their products.

If you decide that this is the career that answers “what to study if I like to travel”, get ready! With your degree, you can apply for employment in agencies or companies in America, Asia, or Europe. If not, offer your services remotely and work on the go.

Advantages of studying marketing

  • The labor market offers very good options for professionals in careers where they pay you to travel.
  • Marketing is a  very versatile profession, so you can work in different areas so as not to get bored.

Disadvantages of studying marketing

  • Marketers are under a lot of stress, so keep that in mind.
  • Even if you have big plans, your ideas are carried out if the company has the resources and they approve them.

8. Restoration and gastronomy

No, we are not talking about restoring antiques or works of art. We refer to one of the careers that have to do with traveling where you can hone your skills in the kitchen. Of course, the profile of a restaurateur offers other attractive opportunities.

Being clear that this is a career to study if you like to travel, you can learn to manage bars and cafes, operate a restaurant or take care of wine service. 🍷 You see that gastronomy does not only focus on working in front of the stove.

Advantages of studying restoration

  • Restoration allows you to explore your creativity by creating new dishes.
  • The labor market for careers where you get paid to travel extensively. After all, there are restaurants all over the world looking for employees.
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities are the order of the day since you have all the necessary knowledge.

Disadvantages of studying restoration

  • The world of gastronomy is unpredictable, so many restaurants can fail at the least expected moment.
  • A college major to travel is stressful and work schedules are demanding.
  • Starting salaries are usually low, but you can move up as you gain more experience.

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