Why study an MBA

Why study for an MBA? | 12 reasons to make the decision

Have you realized that business administration is a highly valued and highly profitable discipline? ? This is just one of the reasons why many young people, like you, choose to study an MBA that opens the doors to a future with better options.

As you may know, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) prepares you in all areas of business, from accounting to human resources. Such a background will leave you ready to create effective business plans and make the key decisions for a company.

What many do not know is that completing an MBA gives you the key to your work independence. You will learn how to start your own businesses, manage your company and even be able to emigrate to the most powerful economies on the planet. Do you want to know why study this postgraduate degree? Do not take off the screen!

1. You will broaden your vision of the business world

Has it happened to you that you enter classes that change your vision of the world from the first lessons? Perhaps throughout your academic career, you took one or two of these. And when you take a master’s degree in business administration, we assure you that you will live an experience in each of your subjects. ?

Throughout the postgraduate course, you will study topics such as the challenges of large companies, how world trade works, and how organizations operate. In addition, you will gain a broader perspective on global, social, and business issues.

2. You will receive a multidisciplinary training

Unlike other postgraduate courses, when you study for an MBA you will receive multidisciplinary training. That means that you will learn about economics, sociology, psychology, accounting, finance, and other professions with a future. All this focuses on how to be successful in the business world.

Also, the best MBA programs offer various areas of specialization. Among them, we can mention international business, entrepreneurship, and information technology management.

3. You will develop your strategic thinking

Studying an MBA will lead you to develop discipline and strategic thinking. As you progress through your courses, you will learn to plan before you act and execute the plan with the best strategy to achieve your goals.

These skills will be super useful for your work life and even in your day-to-day life. For example, you will be ready to plan and carry out a business for your company. Or if you choose the independent route, you can launch your own company avoiding the classic mistakes of entrepreneurs.

4. You will study and work abroad

For many, perhaps the immediate advantage of taking an MBA is its flexibility of modalities, schedules, and exchange options. If you have already entered the world of work and are not looking to return fully to the classroom, most programs allow you to combine both activities.

In some cases, you can take your classes completely online as if they were an online course. Now, if you have a traveling heart, make sure that the university you choose offers an exchange program. Or, outright, opt for an institution outside your country to live the experience of studying and working abroad.

5. You will exploit your creativity

As you progress in your classes, you will discover the medium-term benefits of studying for an MBA. Contrary to popular belief, one of them is the exploitation of your creative gifts. Not everything will be calculations and numbers!

Although the administration demands strategic thinking, the business part cannot be limited to this. As in the arts and sciences, “thinking outside the box”  is essential to find opportunities to expand or undertake.

6. You will better manage your personal finances

Another of the great advantages that an MBA will give you is the development of an unparalleled sharpness to take control of your personal finances and investments. You will learn how to save quickly and strategically. Of course, you will also know how to invest that money so that it generates the best returns.

7. You will create a network of business contacts

By studying for an MBA, you will be in contact with professors, students, and business people with whom you can expand your business network even before you get your degree. This task is of vital importance if you want to expand your job options once you finish the program.

In fact, some universities stand out for offering networking opportunities as part of your training. So make sure that the institution you choose gives you this experience. 

8. You will access better positions and salaries

As we mentioned at the beginning, the profile of the master’s degree in business administration is increasingly sought after for management and executive management positions. For this reason, many companies provide facilities for their employees to study for an MBA and even finance it. 

9. You will reinvent your career

The average duration of the programs to study for an MBA is 2 to 3 years. As this period ends, you will notice how your work landscape is expanding. If you entered with the idea of ​​turning your career around, it may happen that you reinvent your goals or even change your occupation.

You will also be prepared for the competitive environment of international business. You will know how to take advantage of changes in the economy and find new business opportunities where some are trying to survive.

10. You will challenge gender barriers

Year after year, the number of women accessing business administration postgraduate courses is increasing. In fact, according to the MBA Association, the percentage of female enrollment is closer to 40%.

If you review the profiles of the most outstanding women entrepreneurs, you will realize that all of them have a background related to administration and business. So, if you want to follow her example, an MBA prepares you to challenge gender barriers and go for success as an entrepreneur.

11. You will make the decisions within your company

According to AMBA, more than half of MBA graduates worldwide reach the world’s highest managerial and executive positions. Most of the well-known successful entrepreneurs have taken this path or have surrounded themselves with professionals with an MBA.

Anyway, when you finish your master’s degree, you will be ready to go to the positions where vital decisions are made in the company where you work. There, your voice will begin to carry more weight than ever and you will gain influence.

12. You will build a highly desirable profile

At the same time that you are promoted in your job, finishing studying for an MBA and getting the title will allow you to have one of the most demanded job profiles of the moment. Your CV will be the envy of your acquaintances, as large employers will notice you.

And we talk about the big ones seriously. Amazon, Apple, Citigroup, and Disney are just some of the multinationals that recruit professionals with this master’s degree. Although, if you don’t have enough work experience, you may have to earn more for a couple of years.

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